Mother of Georgia Illuminated by Georgian LED Floodlights
The monument of the Mother of Georgia placed in the middle of Tbilisi for dozens of year now have become the symbol of free nature of a Georgian that is expressed in two ways regarding the foreign visitor: Facing the enemies hostilely with sword in the hand and the bowl full with wine for the amical guests. Raising a child by a Georgian mother with this principle has become centuries-old choice and that is why this monument proudly overlooks Tbilisi and its dwellers.
The Floodlights produced by MyGPS has ensured clearest visibility of the monument in night hours from plane or far distance. The best quality Floodlights have been functioning uninterrupted for years now and belong to one more production line of the company.
RBGW Flood Illumination of the Avlabari Skyline
The city skyline often becomes the visiting card for the city and it enhances the visitor’s experienced impression by esthetical pleasure. Any vicinity may attain the same function. One of such sightseeing in Tbilisi is Avlabari Cliff with buildings of XVIII-XIX cc. architecture almost hovering over. By the decision of Tbilisi this part of the city has become one of the pleasantly shaped must-see places for the visitors or residents of the city.
Ablabari Cliff Skyline illuminated with RBGW Floodlights produced in Georgia by MyGPS has made it popular place in nighttime for photo-sessions and to color with Georgian LED light unforgettable memories.
The project became successful addition to the portfolio of the company as proof of highest quality of the RBGW Floodlights produced in Georgia.
Architectural Illumination of the President Residence
The Architectural Illumination of the Palace of the President of Georgia and nearby Neighborhood
In 2019 the city of Tbilisi implemented full rehabilitation of the new residence of the President of Georgia and nearby vicinity that created new renovated spirit to this old neighborhood of Tbilisi.
The architectural illumination systems produced in Georgia by MyGPS has been installed on all facades of the building and area around that attained additional mysterious and interesting look to the area in the night hours. The installed illumination systems are equipped with the dimming option that enables the municipal agency to regulate the intensity of the illumination and add to the freshness for the guests and residents of the city ensuring their cozy stay. The pictures of the surrounding area have been published on the first pages of various local publications.
MyGPS has added new line of production of the architectural illumination.
Gori Wind Farm Floodlight Illumination

One of the major projects promoting renewable energy generation set up in Gori as the wind generators farm in 2018 has been illuminated by the energy-saving LED Floodlight produced in Georgia. The LED-illuminated 6 poles can easily be seen from as far as 30 km as well as from the Caucasus mountains as the artificial beacons lit up to the glory of the scientific reason of the human being.

Illumination of Batumi Central Park

The Central Park of one of the main Georgian touristic “Mecca”, Batumi in 2021 attains the significance of central gathering place for the guests of the city that is accompanied with full rehabilitation of illumination system in the park and installation of walking-path LED luminaires. Today these paths in Central Park are shining safely even for the evening walks and expecting the guest to create idyllic mood to them.

“Artificial Sun” for Batumi Stadium Field

Due to the climate and the composition of the soil in Batumi, expediency led to the installment of the “Artificial Sun” ensuring improved growth of the green cover of the Batumi stadium Field corresponding to UEFA IV category that would secure the timely growth of proper grass required by the standards. The project is unique for the Caucasus region.

The company team managed to fulfil the task with excellence using LED luminaires and Batumi stadium with proper green field has already hosted number of international plays.