RBGW Flood Illumination of the Avlabari Skyline
The city skyline often becomes the visiting card for the city and it enhances the visitor’s experienced impression by esthetical pleasure. Any vicinity may attain the same function. One of such sightseeing in Tbilisi is Avlabari Cliff with buildings of XVIII-XIX cc. architecture almost hovering over. By the decision of Tbilisi this part of the city has become one of the pleasantly shaped must-see places for the visitors or residents of the city.
Ablabari Cliff Skyline illuminated with RBGW Floodlights produced in Georgia by MyGPS has made it popular place in nighttime for photo-sessions and to color with Georgian LED light unforgettable memories.
The project became successful addition to the portfolio of the company as proof of highest quality of the RBGW Floodlights produced in Georgia.